Scenes from the Sublime 


Inspired by visual masterpieces, Scenes from the Sublime unfolds in ten resounding tableaux. Each piece travels through the whimsical world of a painter, offering both an interpretation of the work and an invitation to delve into other realms of illusion and fantasy.

Neraterrae’s second album is the work of a careful craftsman. A profound depth of textures is enriched by delicate details, bringing the audience to discover unheard elements at each listen, creating a sense of awe and unsettlement. Joining him on his quest for splendour, an impressive range of collaborators lend their talent to this multidimensional work of art - Alphaxone, Dödsmaskin, Leila Abdul-Rauf, Mount Shrine, Phelios, Phragments, Shrine, Xerxes The Dark, George Zafiriadis from Martyria and Yann Hagimont from Cober Ord.

We are proud to present Scenes from the Sublime in collaboration with long-standing music label and publishing house Cyclic Law.  Listen to excerpts here


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Published in collaboration with Cyclic Law
All tracks written and produced by Alessio Antoni and stated collaborators
Mastering by Kjetil Ottersen
Artwork by Anirudh Acharya
Graphic Design by Nina Langel
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