Automatisme Feat. Thisquietarmy


Station spun from a feeling of suspension, held in between two locations, two states. That flickering in the existence that makes us feel alive, connected or isolated, and at the same time opens all our senses to the world.

Using a limited quantity of instruments and pushing them to their limit, Station feels at times extreme and uncomfortable, other times, familiar and comforting. Automatisme’s random generators confer a sense of instability, as travelling to the unknown, something new to be discovered at every corner. It opens the mind to spontaneity, forces us to accept imperfection as profound truth, and reminds us not to hold on to anything. In this cyclic existence, nothing is fixed in time, nor in space.

Thisquietarmy uses his unique signature approach to creating expansive soundscapes, consisting of feeding his electric guitar as a single tone generator into a myriad of processed effect pedals, tweaking its parameters and combining them in ways to produce otherworldly sounds, then sampled in real time through a series of loop-sampler devices, mixed and pitched to create chaotic washes of noise from which fragile melodies are being extracted. The result used for this piece became a menacing cloud of minimal drone, slowly growing into saturated waves of vapor static that are being carried into several distinctive ebb and flow parts.

The first collaboration between these two musicians, Station seamlessly unifies two colossal universes.

CS Edition of 200 copies in Fold Out Cardboard Slip Case on White Cassette. 5 Tracks. 
Download code included in purchase. Comes with 45 minutes of downloadable bonus tracks.


Released in December 2018
Photography by Eric Quach
Graphic Design by Nina Langel
Mastering by Jean-Philippe Villemure

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