Martin Dumais


After engaging in a long history of collaborations (Les Jardiniers, Aun and Stärker to name a few), Martin Dumais leaves the pseudonyms behind to reveal the simplicity of his own name. And here, simplicity is key. Drifting between genres, Martin blends his myriad of influences into layered soundscapes. Ferrochrome is an alloy of unbalanced compositions, textured melodies and muddy undertones. Using the long established codes to better dissociate itself from the traditions, it paradoxically pays them hommage in every single sound.

Partly recorded on an old VHS, the musician was inspired by the fragility and unpredictability of the magnetic tape. This feeling of evanescence permeates at each listening; the hushing of the tape reminding us that nothing lasts. Evoking a quest into a future past, Ferrochrome is a mood more than a narrative. A feeling of perpetual motion, the pulsation of the bass remains constant, sometimes at the forefront, sometimes almost unperceivable. The engine never stops, advancing forward inexorably and leaving an impression of unsettlement.

CS Edition of 100 copies in Fold Out Cardboard Slip Case on White Cassette. 12 Tracks. 
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Released in November 2018
Photography by Gabrielle Gaf
Graphic Design by Nina Langel
Mastering by Jean-Patrice Rémillard

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