La Naegleria


When searching for inspiration, La Naegleria is not afraid to look into the morbid details of our environment. But instead of being macabre, his compositions express rather the peculiar beauty in the forces of nature and how the infinitely small and inoffensive in appearance can overcome the immense and powerful.

Naeglerisis casts the human body in an unfamiliar role. Through the perspective of the amoeba, it is slowly and inexorably contaminated. As the body becomes inhabited by this parasite from the inside, the mind gets barricaded by repetitive loops and flooded by noise. 

Despite its heavy theme, Naegleriasis brings the listener to a moment of peace. An act of surrender, a feeling of hypnosis; it is music stripped down from the artifice and brought back to its fundamental elements.

CS Edition of 100 copies in Fold Out Cardboard Slip Case on White Cassette. 4 Tracks. Running time 19:42
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Released in June 2018
Photography by Gabrielle Gaf
Graphic Design by Nina Langel
Mastering by Jean-Philippe Villemure

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